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We are Unique: The Only School in BC That Offers Comprehensive 17 Week (340 hours) Diploma Program.


Why choose us?

  • Hilltop Academy is the first accredited college in British Columbia that offered education in the field of Personal Training that leads students to a recognized and legitimate Diploma.
  • Our Fitness Leadership Diploma program exceeds BCRPA minimum requirements by providing students with 3 to 5 times the amount of classroom and practical hours.
  • Upon graduation You become BCRPA Registered in Weight Training, Personal Training and in Older Adult courses.
  • As an educational partner of ACE organization we offer You an opportunity to become ACE Certified Personal Trainer and prepare you for an optional ACE exam.
  • Pass BCRPA Fitness Theory and Personal Trainer exam or it is on us.
  • The tuition fees for the Fitness Leadership Diploma Program are tax deductible to you, because we are accredited by PCTIA.
  • Academy is HST exempt; therefore no HST charges will apply.
  • Government Student Loans (Provincial & Federal) are available to qualifying applicants.
  • Hilltop Academy provides its graduates with the life time job placement assistance.

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Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer Can Be More Affordable Than You May Think.
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My name is Nicole Downie, I attended Hilltop Academy from August 1st to November 25th. I am a gymnastics coach of seven years so naturally I wanted to keep my career in the fitness field. I myself have had personal trainers and even after becoming BCRPA certified I continue to see my trainer once a week, not because I don’t know what to do in the gym, but because I enjoy walking into the gym once a week and not having to think and plan out my workout for that day.

Since attending Hilltop I have a job in the industry at Fitness Science and I have started up my own business Nicole Downie Fitness, which is small personal training business that focuses on those who are either looking for everyday health and fitness or athletes who are wanting more functional training.

I heard about Hilltop through a friend who attended a few years ago, he spoke very highly of the program and I can honestly say I was not disappoint. We were being informed with loads of information on the daily, Kim Bond is an excellent teacher and is very good at targeting her teaching to all learning styles.

Graduating from Hilltop was one of the highlights of my year, not only was I confident in training clients but I knew exactly what I wanted from the industry and had a much better idea of how I was going to achieve my goal. My long term goal is to open up a gym or small studio gym that allows a variety of different forms of training.

I am very fortunate that my class at Hilltop became like my second family, we were a small class so it didn’t take us long to become close to one another, we were all very supportive of each other. I was attending Hilltop while on full blown prep for The Popeyes Fall Classic 2016 bodybuilding competition where I ended up placing third in my class, qualifying me for provincials in 2017 and thanks to my Hilltop family I was able to do both school and the show! Kim and Elena are truly amazing, they go above and beyond for the students and want nothing but the best for us.

If you are looking for a school I would strongly recommend Hilltop Academy, it’s no cake walk but if you are truly passionate about the fitness industry you will love the program they offer!

Nicole DownieBCRPA certified Personal Trainer, Owner of Nicole Downie Fitness (604) 417-4314 | December 26, 2016

Choosing Hilltop Academy was the best decision I’ve made – the program, the instructors and the administration was amazing! I’ve been out of school for awhile before coming to Hilltop which made me a little scared to get back to studying. But the format of daily classes for 17 weeks made learning process easier and made the material stick better through repetition, compounding and constant practice of hands-on skills. It was a privilege to have Kim Bond as our instructor as she was able to take sometimes-boring material turn around and present it in a fun and helpful manner. Being at Hilltop for over 4 months was indispensable to acquiring Personal Training skills and techniques – there is no way I would have had the same level of confidence with any less time allocated for the program. It’s the extra time (340 hours!) and the program covering business aspects of the industry that translated into my confidence of opening and successfully running my PT/bootcamp/tabata business – ShapeX Fitness. I would highly recommend Hilltop Academy to anyone considering venturing into the fitness industry as a professional and reaching their own potential in the process!

Anna KummerBCRPA registered Personal Trainer, Owner of ShapeX Fitness (604) 306-6709 | September 30, 2016
Hilltop Academy was not a hard choice when looking for a course in Fitness Leadership. The first time speaking with Elena in administration I was incredibly pleased with the level of professionalism that I was greeted with. That expertise continued throughout attending Hilltop Academy, Elena was extremely helpful. Hilltop Academy without a doubt helped me get to where I am today!
The program was highly driven and fast paced, the layout was very well planned. Kim Bond made a major impact, she has amazing teaching skills! Kim is a true super woman and very inspiring. After graduating I was more than prepared, I was packed with motivation to start a career in the Fitness Industry.
Anybody who completes their program at Hilltop Academy, I believe as long as you have the drive to succeed, you can and will succeed!
Since finishing the course in late 2014, I first started working in a local gym as a personal trainer and small group fit instructor. Then created a outdoor bootcamp with steady clientele, whom of which are ALL still my clients today! I have started my own business called 123 Fitness with indoor and outdoor training locations. Highly trained, not-afraid-to-sweat, and committed to bringing personalized service with effective and new methods to reach many fitness goals! I plan to continue in the fitness industry, and broaden my scope of practice further into the health and wellness Industry.
Thank you HIlltop Academy!
Kamille BrightGraduate 2014, owner of 123Fitness
Vancouver Personal Trainer Certification

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