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A Closer Look Into The Salaries Of Personal Trainers

A Closer Look Into The Salaries Of Personal Trainers

6-When making a career decision, one primary thing on most people’s mind is how much income they will be generating. So, as you consider whether to become a personal trainer, there’s no question you will be wondering what the salaries of personal trainers are.

How much do they typically earn? How much can they earn? You’ll want to know both averages as well as upper limits to this career. How much growth potential is there?

When considering the salaries of personal trainers, you need to realize that it will vary considerably based on a number of factors. Let’s take a closer look into what these are so that you can better assess for yourself how much you are likely to earn.

Where You Work

Perhaps the biggest determinant of how much you will make is based on where you work. If you work in a large health club, which employs personal trainers on an hourly basis, typically you will either get a base salary or you will pay a portion of your training fee to the gym. They take this fee as ‘rent’ for using their space to conduct your business.

If you’re in the former situation, you can expect on average to be in the $20-30 dollar range for most facilities. If you are paying a portion of your fee, some gyms may have set training rates (typically between $60-100 per hour depending on the gym and clientele they serve) or you may be permitted to set your own hourly fee. Just remember you will need to stay competitive with other trainers in the facility in order to get bookings.

Now, some of those who get their fitness instructor certification will go on to open their own private studio or train out of their home. This is the best case scenario in many situations because if you are strong at marketing and can bring in a steady supply of clients. Since you won’t be paying a portion of your income to the gym you train at, this allows you to keep more of your earnings in your pocket.

Of course if you own your own studio, you’ll have rental/mortgage payments and utilizes associated with that, but at the end of the day, you aren’t giving a portion of your income to someone else.

Keep in mind though, a benefit of the larger gyms is they often provide clients to you. If you aren’t someone who wants to hunt for clients, the tradeoff in income may just be worth it.

Your Hours Of Availability

Another factor that can influence the salaries of personal trainers is their hours of availability. Are you willing to work very early in the morning as well as later at night?

If so, there is a higher chance you’ll earn more simply because you see more clients in an average day. This only stands to reason – the more you work, the more you earn.

Group Fitness Versus One-On-One

Now we bring an exception to the rule however. Some personal trainers are starting to set up their own outdoor bootcamp or group fitness classes. In this scenario, each client will pay less to attend the class (since it is group training), however since you can work with 10-20 people per class, it really adds up to give you a much higher hourly rate.

Consider if you are working with a group of 15 people paying $15 per class. Since you are outside, you have no overhead costs, so you profit the full amount. This means $225 per class you teach. Most classes last 45 minutes to an hour, so you can see how profitable this set-up can be.

Of course if only 3 people come to the class, you won’t be making nearly as much, so for this to work, you need to have a number of clients who want your services.

So all in all, the salaries of personal trainers can really vary. You might find large gym personal trainers earning around $15-50,000 per year depending on if they are part or full time, while private bootcamp instructions or who have two to three full body camps per day earning upwards of $150,000 to $200,000.

The earning potential is very much dependent on your ambition, your ability to work hard, and your skill level, which influences how many people want to work with you. If you work hard, fitness careers can be very lucrative.

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