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9 Reasons Why Certified Personal Trainers are in High Demand

Certified Personal Trainers are in High Demand Everyone is different! One of the most important drives to hiring a Personal Trainer is having someone individualize set goals! Motivation – Personal Trainers are there to guide through the work-out, past perceived limits and further! Hiring a professional makes work-outs more efficient and more concentrated on the […]

Water: How much should you drink every day?

Water is essential to good health, yet needs vary by individual. These guidelines can help ensure you drink enough fluids. By Mayo Clinic staff How much water should you drink each day? It’s a simple question with no easy answers. Studies have produced varying recommendations over the years, but in truth, your water needs depend […]

Sitting too much will probably shorten your life.

That might sound ridiculous — or obvious — depending on your perspective, but the findings don’t come from a fringe study. They come from the American Cancer Society, whose researchers studied 123,216 people’s health outcomes during a 14-year period. In particular, the American Cancer Society study finds that women who sit for more than six […]

Importance of exercise and the benefits of heart rate monitors

Importance of exercise Regular exercise is the most dramatic adjustment that an individual can make to ensure good health, and the medical literature is replete with evidence of the benefits of physical activity on health and longevity. Exercise improves all aspects of cardiovascular health. In particular, regular exercise (30 minutes, 3 to 4 times per […]

Exercise Helps You Sleep

Regular Aerobic Exercise May Help Insomniacs By Bill Hendrick WebMD Health News Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD Sept. 17, 2010 — Running to the medicine cabinet or to doctors for sleeping pills may be one way to battle chronic insomnia, but aerobic exercise might be the best prescription, new research indicates. Scientists at Northwestern […]

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