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Nutrition for Fitness Professionals Workshop (8 Hours)

Sports Nutrition for the Fitness Professional

Workshop Outline

It is the position of Dietitians of Canada, the American Dietetic Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine, that physical activity, athletic performance and recovery from exercise are enhanced by proper nutrition, known as performance nutrition. This workshop series is a detailed course designed for competent instruction of the fitness professional, on the latest evidence and applications of performance nutrition.

Fitness professionals will learn skills essential for enhancing their client’s athletic performance goals; whether aerobic or anaerobic, with practical nutrition performance strategies that get results. Fitness professionals will also learn to navigate through the extensive ergogenic supplement market, to discern which products exert true performance potentials, and are best suited to their client’s goals.

Module 1. Energy balance during athletic performance and or increased physical activity:

  • Signs of energy imbalance, flags for nutritional inadequacy.
  • What are the ideal energy nutrients?
  • How to determine the ideal ratio and quantity of carbohydrates, protein and fats for energy needs.
  • More on carbohydrates, the super fuel nutrients.
  • Healthy glycemic carbohydrates verses high glycemic carbohydrates.
  • Proteins for optimal anabolism, and recovery. Determine the ideal protein requirements for your clients and yourself.
  • Enhance the recovery process with the right mix of energy nutrients.

Module 2. Weight management for the active adult and or athlete:

  • What are the optimal body fat percentages for an athlete?
  • Determine the ideal body fat percentage for an active adult.
  • Variability and limitations of body fat assessment techniques.
  • What is the ideal BMI, or body weight for an active adult?
  • When to lose weight (body fat), before, during or after the competitive season?
  • Healthy weight loss for the active adult, and or athlete.

Module 3. Fluids and electrolytes for athletic performance:

  • Symptoms of fluid imbalance, red flags for fluids.
  • Dehydration, hypernatremia, and hyponatemia, the dangerous consequences of poor fluid and electrolyte intake.
  • How to maintain optimal fluid/electrolyte levels for activity.
  • The main performance benefits from optimal fluids and electrolytes.
  • Water, Gatorade or Vitamin Water? Weigh the evidence.

Module 4. Pre activity meals:

  • An in depth overview of what foods are best to consume prior to physical activity.
  • Timing of your pre-event meals.
  • Supporting optimal digestion for the event.
  • Menu planning for pre-competition meals.
  • Foods to avoid before activity.
  • Pre event dietary supplements.

Module 5. Nutrition during the event:

  • Fluids and amounts during activity.
  • Carbohydrates and quantities that are best during physical activity. When you need them and when you don’t.
  • Nutrition troubleshooting during the event.

Module 6. Post competition/activity nutrition:

  • An in depth discussion of meals that support the recovery process.
  • Menu planning for post activity meals.
  • How much food is required to optimize recovery?
  • When is it too much or too little?
  • Fluids/electrolytes for recovery.
  • Nutritional supplements that are best for recovery.

Module 7. Ergogenic Aids for athletic performance:

  • Signs of nutritional deficiencies, red flags for nutrition support.
  • Assessing the evidence on nutritional supplements.
  • Ergogenic aids (supplements) that show strong performance potentials.
  • How to safely recommend nutritional supplements to optimize nutritional benefits.
  • Which supplements are best for you or your client?
  • Past, present and future for ergogenic aids.

Module 8. Workshop Summary:

  • Summarize key points of each module.
  • Discussion period.
  • In class group assignment on related topic (to be determined).

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