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Fitness Leadership Diploma Program – Weekly Course Schedule

Week Topics Hours
1 Exercise Science Course 20
2 Exercise Science Course 20
3 Exercise Science Course
Fitness First Aid Level 1 and CPR
4 Exercise Science Course
BCRPA Fitness Theory Board Exam Preparation & Writing
5 Employment and Business Course
BCRPA Practical Evaluations & Application Completion
6 Weight Training Course 20
7 Weight Training Course 20
8 Weight Training Course 20
9 Weight Training Course
BCRPA Practical Evaluations & Application Completion
10 Personal Training Course
Investigation, Assessment and Correction
11 Personal Training Course 20
12 Small Group Personal Training Course
Correction, Function and Performance
13 Small Group Personal Training Course
The Trainers “Exercise Anywhere Tool Box”
14 Older Adult Instructor Course 20
15 Personal Training Course
Practical Application and Delivery of Program Design & Nutrition
16 Personal Training Course
Pre-Post Injury Rehabilitation and BCRPA Board Exam Preparation
17 Personal Training Course
BCRPA Personal Training Practical Evaluations & Written Board Exam
Total 340

Hilltop Academy reserves the right to change or modify any of the above modules during the 17 week term of the program.

Personal Training Certification Program Outline

  • Exercise Science Course (72 hours)

    This course module will set your exercise science foundation knowledge. You will learn this information progressively as you work through the complete Diploma program. The following areas of study are covered: general health and fitness, bones, joints, connective tissue, muscles, basic kinesiology, energy systems, fitness components, exercise safety and nutrition foundations. You will learn the “why” and “how” of what happens with the body’s response to exercise. Upon the completion of this course students will write the Board Exam for BCRPA Fitness Theory Examination.

  • Fitness First Aid & CPR Level 1 (8 hours)

    This course is a basic requirement for all fitness professionals to possess in the case of an emergency. Our Fitness First Aid & CPR course will provide the candidate with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent, recognize and manage cardio respiratory emergencies before, and attend to general fitness injuries during and after exercise.

  • Employment, Business and Financial Responsibilities Course (default prevention) (20 hours)

    This course is designed to educate you on the fitness industry, exploring all avenues of career possibilities. The areas of study are: industry history, current trends, resume and portfolio creation, marketing personal training, scope of practice, industry ethics, risk management and liability, communication techniques and prevention strategies to avoid defaulting on personal or business loans.

  • Weight Training Course (80 hours)

    This course is designed to introduce you to the basic of program design utilizing your exercise science knowledge and practical application skills. You will be educated on all different types of fitness machines, cable machines, barbell, and dumbbell exercises, learn functional warm-ups, and practice current methodologies of joint mobility. Knowledge of the current methods of stretching and mobility will be included. Your focus in this course will be on the Art of Coaching Exercises. This program is 70% hands-on and upon completion of the course students will complete their BCRPA Weight Training Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE).

  • Personal Training Course (40 hours)

    Investigation, Assessment and Correction
    This portion of the course will focus on basic health psychology, pre-screening, health investigation, functional health screen tests, anthropometric assessments, physiological fitness tests and corrective exercises for one-on-one programs. You will be educated on the major skeletal issues in today’s society, how to measure someone’s health risks and design a program to address these concerns.

  • Small Group Personal Training Course (40 hours)

    This course is broken into 2 phases, learning the foundation and then building on the unique tools that are currently trendy in the industry.

    Correction, Function and Performance (20 hours)
    This course will provide you with both the formal knowledge and practical needed to program design and instruct a group of 4-6 people from corrective exercise groups all the way to the foundation moves of performance training. The performance skills of agility, balance, co-ordination, power, speed, and reactionary time are all practically applied in a fun and motivating setting geared towards coaching while focusing on group/class management.

    The Trainers “Exercise Anywhere Tool Box” (20 hours)
    This course will cover many different types of exercise equipment that can be used in many different areas, including in-home, outdoors, and the open space in any facility.  As the exercise industry grows in technology and equipment, there are many “tools of our trade” such as a BOSU, Stability Ball, TRX, Gliders, Resistance Bands, Hurdles, Agility Ladders, and Sandbells just to mention a few.
    As the industry grows, we will ensure that you are educated on all types of equipment.

  • Older Adult Instructor Course (20 hours)

    This course researches the exercise science behind the older adult and how the aging process affects us. Topics covered will include: current demographic issues with aging and health, the science behind aging, building rapport, investigation, functional assessments for lower functioning and higher functioning populations, program design, nutrition, and exercise safety.

  • Personal Training Course [continuation] (60 hours)

    This portion of the course is divided into 3 phases.

    1. Practical Application and Delivery of Program Design & Nutrition (20 hours)
      This phase will provide additional education in nutrition including current issues. You will also complete a course overall project that evaluates all your skills as a Personal Trainer.
    2. Pre-Post Injury Rehabilitation and BCRPA Board Exam Preparation (20 hours)
      This phase will educate you on the most common exercise injuries and how they are addressed in all phases of healing including a scope of practice review, and additional education option for specialization. The second half of this phase will focus on preparing you for the BCRPA Personal Training Written Exam.
    3. BCRPA Personal Training Practical Evaluations and Written Exam (20 Hours)
      Upon completion of the course students will complete their BCRPA Personal Training Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE) and write the BCRPA Personal Training Board Exam.
  • ACE (American Council on Exercise) Exam

    By the end of the Fitness Leadership Diploma Program, all of the ACE Personal Trainers information would be covered and students can choose to purchase and write the ACE Personal Trainers Exam. Upon passing of the PT exams, Hilltop Academy students would have dual PT registrations, with BCRPA and ACE.


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