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The Many Paths You Can Take In Your Fitness Career

The Many Paths You Can Take In Your Fitness Career

7-Thinking of starting a fitness career? If you are interested in making a living doing something that you love and are passionate about, your first thought might be to get our personal training certification and start working with clients in your very own gym.

For many, this is the path they take and they end up very fulfilled by it. But for others, they want something else.

The great news is that there are many different fitness careers you can move into, so it’s important to assess all paths and then choose the one that’s right for you.

Let’s go over some of the main avenues that your fitness career may lead to. Remember that the more training and education you have under your belt, very often, the easier it will be to move into any path that you choose.

Online Personal Trainer

One hot new career that’s on the rise is online personal trainers. These personal trainers tend to work strictly online, conversing with clients via email and phone calls. In some cases, you may never actually see the client in person, simply because there is no need.

They can easily send you progress pictures fast and easily and you can send them workout programs to be doing. In some ways, this is even more convenient as it allows them to reach you 24 hours a day, while with conventional training, they’ll typically need to wait until their appointment to speak to you about concerns.

Online personal training is also nice as it allows you to reach clients all over the world, so you now have much greater potential clientele.

Group Fitness Instructor

Another avenue you may take is becoming a group fitness instructor. Whether bootcamp classes interest you, a traditional aerobics class is up your ally, or you’d prefer to teach spin or Zumba, there are plenty of options here as well.

The nice thing about group fitness instruction is you may get paid more per hour in many cases and you can help more people at once. Many also like the high energy atmosphere of group fitness classes and the fact that you can get in your own workout as you teach.

In-Home Personal Trainer

In-home personal training is another path that some who have obtained their personal training certification take. Here, you will go into the client’s home, training them where they are comfortable.

In return, you are often rewarded with highly hourly rates and you won’t have to give any of your income to a ‘middleman’, which is the club you would otherwise be training other.

The downside to this path is you will have more unpaid travel time, so you need to factor that into your total earnings.

Personal Trainer Manager

For those who have worked for a number of years as a personal trainer, they may find that their fitness career takes them up to being a personal training manager. In this instance, they are focused on making sure other trainers in their gym are getting their job done, servicing clients well and keeping up on customer satisfaction.

In some cases, personal training managers will still do some of their own training, while in others, they simply take the manager role.

Higher salaries may accompany this higher position and a more defined schedule.

Contest Prep Coach

Finally, the last path you may choose to take after gaining your fitness instructor certification is a contest prep coach. In this path, you would be primarily working with bodybuilding and physique competitors, helping them get ready to compete in their shows.

Very often these individuals will need to be experienced with contest themselves, so being involved with the bodybuilding industry is to your advantage.

This is a much more intricate level of training at this stage, so you need to have a firm understanding of what it takes to get to stage-level leanness while keeping training where it needs to be. It’s not a career you can just fall into, but one that experience may lead you towards.

So there you have some of the many paths that you can take as you move into a fitness career. Remember that once you choose a path, you are not stuck in this path for life either. Many trainers will find themselves in different roles at various points in their career, allowing for great flexibility and career advancement.

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